Difby 1

Outsiders attempt to communicate with the Difby, the unimpressed stance shows the message is received

A Difby is generally short of stature, and after many references to that, short of temper. It has an asymmetrical hair design, used to differentiate oneself from other Difbys, and to create streamline speed for one-armed dancing.

Communication and LanguageEdit

Difby's are quiet creatures, although can be called by their traditional call, made by exclaiming its name "Difby", in a special person's tone, accompanied by Rabbit Ears (Fox and Gay Fairy ears are also commonly accepted terms).

A Difby acknowledges this call by scowling or glaring in the general direction of the calls, don't take this as anger though, but rather the Difby's way of showing appreciation for the love given to it.

Eating HabitsEdit

A Difby regularly eats dog food, with new "Difby Brand" dog food to enter the market in late 2013 (pending a design project).

Difby's also gorge on avocados and cheese, two of its daily staples.

Difby's have been known to drink Tequila and other alcoholic substances on a regular basis, used for enhancing mating rituals, removing stress from frustrating work shifts, and for simply getting down and having a good time.

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