Difby: The Musical, is a musical production aiming to premiere in late 2013, it follows GemGem, the lonesome Difby, and the story of the quest for the hidden treasure of Tolmie, it stars Lea Michelle as "GemGem" and Neil Patrick Harris as "Siffles" in their quest against Gingerbeard the Pirate


GemGem the Difby has embarked on a trip with her close friends, only to discover a secretive plot from Gingerbeard the Pirate. Gingerbeard has stolen the entire supply of Dog food from the sacred forgotten city of Tolmie. In order to survive the harsh conditions, GemGem and her friends must battle Gingerbeard for the lost treasure of Tolmie, and save the entire Difby population of Tolmie (one).

Notable songs

"One lonely Difby"

"Let's solve our problems with Tequila"

"Paranoia Paranoia"

"And that's why we all hate Myki"

"Difby and Friends (Schmerrrrrfleurrrrr remix)"

"I know what happened at the Grand Prix"

"Another Air Asia mishap"

"We went back to Dietetics Ball"


Lea Michelle as GemGem

Anne Hathaway as Laura the Drama Queen

Zooey Deschanel as Nads, the Aerogard Archer

Neil Patrick Harris as Siffles

Justin Bieber as Miffles

Rupert Grint as "Gingerbeard the Pirate"

Shia Lebouf as Squades

Nikki Minaj as Tash

Sheilene Woodley as Georgie

Chris Hemsworth as Gades

Helena Bonhem Carter as ???

Early ReceptionEdit

The Musical is expected to gain six Tony Awards, despite only three songs currently being recorded, these have proven very popular in most test markets, although rumours are that these do not reflect the original direction of the musical.

These songs include:

500 Miles (Tribute to Dietetics Ball)

Oh My, Small Thing!

What Makes You Beautiful (Difby Remake)

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