Difby and friends

Difby and Friends is a popular children's Television Series, currently screening in New Zealand and Wales. It follows the life of GemGem, the juvenile Difby, and all her friends.

Theme SongEdit

(To the Tune of Miffy and Friends)

Difby, Difby, Difby run!

With her friends she's getting drunk



Laura and Gades!

Josie's back in A-de-Laide

and all together, what a sight!

Let's get drunk to-night


A cute little GemGem


A smart little GemGem


Annoyed little GemGem


Traditional DanceEdit

The Traditional Difby dance involves the traditional Difby call, but to music, occasionally combined with pelvic thrusting parallel with forward arm movements (known as "the Josh 2012), or a rather uncoordinated stretching of neck muscles to the left (known as "the Adam")

Notable EpisodesEdit

"Pilot - Difby and the Dog Food"

"Difby goes to Tolmie"

"Difby meets Siffles and Miffles"

"Difby gets drunk (part 1 of 5)"

"Difby and the colleague that wouldn't allow air conditioning"

"Difby meets the Bandidos"

"Difby gets locked out of class"

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