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A Difby (difbius headshavius) is a unique individual with the unnatural ability to survive on large quantities of dog food. The phenomena was first discovered in late 2012, when a meat-processed product, intended for a tiny canine, was consumed by a tiny human.

The phenomenon has been predicted to spread around the globe, although early research into the disorder has proven futile, with no new cases reported four months into the venture.

Difby has been likened to a "ravenous lesbian" and has developed an insatiable hunger for ogling innocent drag-queens.

Scientists and medical professionals are not yet sure whether or not a Difby can inflict the condition on other human beings.

It is advisable to avoid contact in case of an infectious nature.

If you, or any one you know, shows any of the following signs, contact a medical professional immediately:

  • Excessive consumption of dog-food
  • "Dog-food breath" (commonly caused by excessive consumption of dog-food)

The University of Melbourne is currently conducting genetic research into the disease from stem cells they retrieved from a wild Difby. If you wish to donate to the cause please visit:

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